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Monday, April 10, 2006

Weather and Meme

Folks, it looks like spring has finally sprung in Chicago. AT LAST! It was over 70 degrees today, and it's been sunny for many days in a row, and it is AMAZING what sunlight at 7 p.m. will do for a girl's mood. I feel great, even though this week is going to be nuts. Only 4 weeks until the end of the semester, and I'm excited to be done and have a relaxing, creative summer.

In celebration, a meme:

four movies i could watch more than once:
Legally Blonde
Steel Magnolias
X-Men movies
Pirates of the Caribbean

four places i have lived:
Edwards Air Force Base, California
Los Alamos, New Mexico
Maryland (Frederick and St. Mary's City)
Chicago, IL

four favorite current tv shows:
What Not to Wear
Gilmore Girls
Good Eats
(anything Food Network, really)

four places i have been on vacation:
Oklahoma (Waukomis, Edmond)
St. Louis, MO (separate from roadtrip below)
Denver, CO
roadtrip: SC, Atlanta, New Orleans, St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, back home

four websites i visit daily:

four of my favorite foods (at home or away):
pasta of any kind
peanut butter
pad thai

four places i would like to be right now, if not at home:
Southern California
(Fortunately I'll go all of these places before the end of the year! Hooray.)

four pets i have had in my life:
Janet Jackson - gerbil, died of starvation (so bad, I know)
Mopsy - lhasa apso, had in Los Alamos
Lassie - sheltie, also in Los Alamos
Gabby - current kitty-friend


  • At 1:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Becca--it's Maggie from SMCM! How are you? I see you'll be in SoCal this year--I'm in San Diego, so if you're down this way, let me know. I'd love to see you. it's smags AT an e-mail my way!


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