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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Guess What I Did?

Today I finished my first semester of grad school! Hooray.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Three Weeks.

In three weeks it will be 2006. This is completely wrong and insane in my eyes. Where did 2005 go?

The holidays are always a nostalgic time for me, filled with love and laughter and good friends and food and memories of holidays past. Since I moved away, it is one of the few times that I see my family, and it is such a comfort to be in my mom's house, or in my dad's house, or driving down the red dirt roads of the Oklahoma countryside. Home.

Most comforting is church on Christmas Eve. When I'm at my dad's house, I drive alone to St. Mary's Episcopal church, listening to Christmas music as I zip through the black, cold night. In church, I sit alone, a stranger among the families. But in some ways that is okay. When I'm at my mom's, she and Ken and I ride together to a church I don't know, to fellowship with strangers. Either way, though, I listen to the same story of Christmas, and I sing carols in the candlelit sanctuary, singing out bright and clear even though I probably should spare the other parishoners that particular punishment.

Along with the comfort, though, is always a little year-end reflection. As 2005 comes to a close, it is only natural for me to think of where I have been this year, and where I am going, and to wonder: will I ever get there?

This year I did these things: dated someone great, went to NYC for the first time, quit my job, started graduate school, sadly broke up with someone great, started waitressing again, was v. poor, moved, started saving money, got my car booted, got very stressed out re: money and school, decided not to get another cat just yet, and (almost) finished my first semester of graduate school. I learned a lot about myself and my limits and I really learned about being alone and the goods and bads that go along with.

If I look at it objectively, I can be proud of myself. I have a few regrets, sure, but mostly the bad stuff was out of my control.

In 2006, I will do some things. Usually I set "beginning of school year" resolutions, but this year I will do some new year's resolutions. I have a friend who does hers quarterly, because that is more manageable. Maybe I will try that.

Stay tuned. Only three weeks to go.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Hello, hello!

Re: my last entry, please note that I am now Famous! I was the first person to buy the DMs first CD, and they put me on their website! That pic is from Halloween at Amber's Mike's house. Wholly appropriate, though, as a lot of their songs have a country-ish sound. Still haven't received the CD, but it should arrive tomorrow.

Now I would like to move on to the part of the entry where I tell you about how I am CRAZY:

I had forgotten about how when you're in school? It is all fun and games until the last two weeks of the semester. That is when everything is due all at once and you don't sleep and only eat sporadically and your house is a mess and you may or may not wear the same sweatshirt for three days in a row even though you did shower and your cat is neglected because all you ever do is read papers and typetypetype and read some more and talk to yourself and subsist largely on Diet Coke and mini-Snickers bars.

Poor Gabby. In the beginning of the week, she still hung out on the desk, basking in the light from the lamp (weirdo cat), but now she has abandoned me completely, opting instead for napping on the couch. I cannot say I blame her. I would also rather be napping on the couch.

Anyway, so I am a CRAZY person. Between this week and next, I had/have due: 6 big papers (including 2 take-home finals), an assorted pile of statistics homework re-dos, and 2 big fat exams. One is for Organizational Psych, and is all essay/short answer, and one is for stats, which is cumulative in the sense that everything in the class builds on what came before it, but not in the sense that we're being tested on beginning of semester stuff like descriptive statistics.

Here are things I have done so far:

  • Social psych research proposal
  • Organizational psych case study
  • Gotten overly-woolly eyebrows waxed
  • Gotten thoroughly split-ended hair cut, and complimented on eyebrows by Gil the Hair Genius
  • Stats homework due today
Things I still have to do:

  • Put up tree
  • Make 1,000,000 Christmas presents (rant for another entry)
  • Social psych final
  • Organizational psych research proposal (though on same topic as social proposal, must be a different research idea)
  • Individual Differences interview and final paper
  • Individual Differences final exam
  • Organizational psych final
  • Stats final
  • Get very drunk immediately following stats final (approximately noon)

So, you see, I am crazy. I have managed to work a little housekeeping in here and there as well, as my overflowing bathroom trash can was threatening to join forces with the dishes in the sink to take over the house. But for the most part, I am barely holding it together, sleeping erratically, and might be getting sick.

But hey! T-minus eight days until I am off for a month! I will read a lot, learn to crochet, and be a vegetable. Maybe this grad school stuff isn't so bad after all...