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Thursday, November 10, 2005


As you all know, I have a cat. An obnoxious one. Who really, really likes to be awake and noisy when I am trying to sleep. Last night, for example:

1:45. Go to bed. Gabby had been napping, but gamely gets into bed with me.
1:55. Gabby is tired of lying down. Gets up and hops off the bed.
1:57. Gabby is back. Wandering around on the bed.
2:30. Gabby knocks alarm clock on floor. I turn on the light, rescue the alarm clock, and put it next to me in the bed.
3:30. I have a dream that Gabby knocked the alarm clock on the floor AGAIN. I get up, turn on the light, and spend three minutes looking for the clock.
3:33. I remember that I rescued the clock and put it in bed with me. Back in bed.
4:30. Got up to pee. I've had to pee in the middle of the night a lot lately.
5:00. CRASH! Gabby knocks over the bedside table. It's from IKEA, not very sturdy. Obviously. I right the table and go back to bed.
5:15. Gabby is playing with something that was previously on the table, is now on the floor. I spray her with the spray bottle (which I had to get out of storage! She's been very bad lately.) and go back to bed.
5:30. Miscellaneous noise from Miss Gabs. More yelling/squirting.
7:00. Wake up because my head is on the mattress, as the Gabster has commandeered the pillow right out from under me. Because, of course, the other pillow, less than a foot away, isn't good enough for her nap.
9:20. Alarm goes off. Snooze.
9:28. Alarm goes off. Snooze.
. . . .
10:50. Alarm goes off. Get out of bed.

The hour and a half snoozing was punctuated with cat-nose-on-face, cat-tongue-on-face, cat-staring-intently-at-face, cat-feet-on-entire-body, cat-biting-arm, cat-racing-around-house, cat-pouncing-on-invisible-things, cat-pouncing-on-feet, and valiant-but-ultimately-unsuccessful-efforts-to-get-cat-to-lie-down-and-let-mommy-sleep.

I have a headache.

Additionally! She has been scratching the hell out of my curtains. The "no scratch" spray I bought appears to be helping. The good news (for her) is that she is also adorable, so I think I'll keep her.

My other Battle With Nature is with...FRUIT FLIES. I have an infestation.

Here is a dirty little secret: since I started living alone, I have periods of what I like to call "Living Gross." The dishes pile up, the trash doesn't get taken out, the fridge is full of gross leftovers, etc. Oh, and I also have not put away my clothes since I moved. Which was over a month ago. They are all over my bedroom floor.

There. I said it. Don't judge. And! I don't live dirty all the time, so you can still come visit! I promise.

Anyway, so I developed a fruit fly infestation. I found a recipe online for homemade fruit fly traps, using cider vinegar, water, and a couple of drops of soap to eliminate surface tension. The idea is that the flies are attracted to the water, land on it trying to have a snack, and because of the soap in the water eliminating surface tension, drown.

Well. I didn't have cider vinegar, so I used regular. This has worked in the past, so no problem. But I have 2 areas of infestation, the kitchen and the pantry, and a small satellite colony in the bathroom. So I needed more traps, and I was out of vinegar. So I used beer and water and soap, with only limited success.

This morning, I realized that the situation was completely out of hand. So tonight on my way home, I stopped by the Jewel to get dish soap, Hershey's syrup (not for traps), vinegar, and some real live fruit fly traps. I've seen them online, so I know they exist. But Jewel doesn't have them. Drat.

When I got home, I ate dinner and relaxed for a bit, and then it was time to attack. I started by washing out the bowls for the traps. I think some previous vinegar-beer-water-whatever was still on the rim of the bowls, so flies were just hanging out around the edges. Then I measured vinegar and water and dropped in the soap, and set out the traps.

Then! I washed all the dishes, cleaned out the fridge, and cleaned the kitchen. Took out the trash, the whole nine. And lit an Apple Cinnamon candle I picked up at the Jewel, because the smell of the cider vinegar + assorted mold from refrig = ick. I also washed out the trash can and lid in the bathtub with Comet.

So. Grossness is cleaned up, fruit flies are still out of control. Hopefully the new traps will catch those buggers so I can go back to pretending like I am not completely disgusting.


  • At 10:42 PM, Anonymous tammy said…

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I have SUCH the great idea for you about the cat!

    My cat every so often gets the same way, and you know what you do? Wet the cat. I don't mean with the squirt bottle, I mean either hold the cat under a faucet for a few seconds, or better yet, get a washcloth REALLY wet a and then rub the cat with it. Even better if you rub the cat against the direction her fur grows. The wetter the better.

    Then the cat (because she is a cat) will compulsively have to clean herself because she is wet and disheveled, and she will go away and leave you alone for a good long while. With any luck, she will be so worn out from her bath that she falls asleep immediately after.

    Guaranteed to work like a charm, or your money back.


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