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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Careful, That's Hot.

Oh, working. How I love/hate it. The restaurant was s-l-o-w tonight, but it was nice because we had very few people on the floor and I still made $80. Hooray.

One of my tables ordered our herb grilled chicken breast, and some chicken fajitas. When I saw the herb chicken in the window, I said, "fire chicken fajitas, please!" like I'm supposed to.

So the chef fired the fajitas (which means getting the peppers and onions and chicken into the hot pan. They do it last, right before the food goes out so the fajitas sizzle appropriately on the way to the table.).

Anyway, so the chef fired the fajitas and put them in the window.

I reached up and grabbed the wooden tray that the hot iron pan sits on, to slide it toward me and put it on the fajita plate with the rest of the fajita stuff (sour cream and lettuce and pico de gallo and such).

And felt a searing pain in my hand.

"Oh, shit," I gasped, and started running toward the kitchen for water. Because, you see, I had actually grabbed the edge of the burning hot cast iron fajita pan.


The chef stopped me and told me to go the other way, where he had burn spray. I stood in the kitchen and he sprayed my middle and ring fingers on my left hand, both of which already had blisters welling up.


I bravely went back out to the kitchen and took the food to my table. As I was checking on my other tables, my fingers were throbbing, and every time I opened my mouth I thought I would either cry or barf.

I went to show Charles and Murf (his last name is Murphy and he goes by Murf. Murph? I don't know. It's starting to look really weird.), the other two servers who were on, and started to cry for reals. Charles dragged me back to the first aid kit and forced me to put band-aids on. I still whined for the rest of the night. Because it HURT! And I am a wuss.

I am now sitting at home with Neosporin+ Pain on my blistered fingers, and am feeling better.

But when your server says "don't touch that pan, it's hot," don't test her. She probably knows from experience.


  • At 4:00 PM, Anonymous tammy said…

    Oh man. That hurts even to read about.

    Please don't burn yourself anymore. That's not good for you, and it doesn't add anything to the fajitas, either.


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