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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Why, oh why, do I feel so good about myself when I outsmart my cat? Here is what happens:
  1. I start walking toward the bed;
  2. Gabby, the feline in question, runs ahead of me into the bedroom and under the bed;
  3. I sit on the bed and dangle my feet off the edge while setting the alarm;
  4. Gabby gleefully attacks my feet from her vantage point under the bed;
  5. Repeat nightly.

So what I did last night was stand by the bed and jump into bed, high-jump style, landing on my side. This eliminates step 3, and thusly step 4 (see above). My thought was, honest to g-d, ha HA! Take THAT, Gabby! It was then that I realized I must be crazy.

Then this morning, Gabby was doing her usual: "Hi. Hi. Hi. Are you up? I'll stick my nose in your eye to find out. What's that on your forehead? Let me taste it. Oh, just forehead. Hi. Are you up? Here, let me get up on your shoulder and talk into your good ear. HI! HI! Are you AWAKE?? Don't mind me, I'll just touch your face. Purrrrrrr. Hi. Are you up?" Every morning, people. Every. Ever-loving. Morning. I am trying to sleep, Gabby. No, I am NOT UP.

But THIS morning! I had the genius idea to open the blinds a leetle bit so she could sit on the window sill and look at the birds/squirrels/grass/invisible torturers. That way, gets to be near me, in the bedroom, but is entertained by something other than licking my face.

The score, for those keeping track at home:

Becca: 2
Gabby: 100,984,213.5

I am inordinately proud of those two points, dammit. I'll get you, Gabby. I'll get you...


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