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Friday, June 17, 2005

Hazy, or Teef 2: Electric Toofaloo

I write this in a Vicodin haze. (Which is probably why I think that title is way more hilarious than it actually is.) It's not as hazy as I remember from when I had my tonsils out, but I think that's because a) that time, I was in a LOT more pain initially, and b) I may have had Percocet with the tonsillectomy. Anyway.

I didn't sleep well last night, partly because my allergies were really acting up, partly because I was having some weird dreams, and partly from anxiety about the surgery. So I spent my morning at work all bleary-eyed, and even Diet Coke didn't help, and then I came home, ate some crackers, and took a 20-minute power nap with the Gabster. I dawdled as long as I could, but then I had to leave. Dun dun DUN!!

When I got to the office, I had to wait for 30 minutes before they even took me in! What is the point of making a 2:00 appointment if I'm not going to see anyone until 2:30? Seriously. The nurse was the same one I talked to on Tuesday about the Valium situation, and she was very understanding and kind. I sat around, signed the consent form, and sat around some more. Then the doc came in, sat down, and got right to work numbing me up with some numbing gel and Novocaine. People, I started crying during the Novocaine! I think it's because I was lacking sleep and just so tense (unnecessarily, it turns out) about the whole thing. The doctor was really skeptical about me needing the Valium, but finally relented. The nurse gave me a magical mint-green pill and we needed to wait for 15 minutes, so I sat.

I'm telling you, Valium is wonderful. Hey, maybe part of my haze is still a Valium haze! Neat. Anyway, within 10 minutes, I stopped feeling hysterical, and started feeling all floaty and verrrrryyyyy relaxed. Yay. They took another x-ray to make sure we all knew where the tooth was, then moved me to another room and the doctor came in.

Man, I don't know what I was so worked up about. Once the extraction actually got started, it only took ONE MINUTE! One minute! Wow. But still, I imagine that without the Valium, I would have been hysterical and crying and so on, so it is good that I insisted on it. Oh, and they asked if I wanted to keep my tooth (it's just a little guy!), and at first I resisted, but then said what the hell, so they wrapped it up. I'm a weirdo.

But then, the doc was all, "take ibuprofen, you'll be fine." What?! I was promised fun narcotics! So I asked if he was SURE ibuprofen would be ok, and he (and the nurse, and the receptionists) assured me it would be. At this point I was willing to let it go, and told the receptionist that I would just page him and ask that he call in a prescription if I needed it (I have a way low tolerance for pain), and she told me that she'd just force the prescription now. Yay!

Lindsay was there by that point, as she was my designated handler to get me to the pharmacy and then home, so we went to the pharmacy down the hall, and behold! Doc had prescribed me MORE than enough Vicodin to make it through the weekend (which is all I'll need, as I HAVE to go to work on Monday), PLUS a refill! YAY!

I got home and changed my gross gauze and took a sweet, white pill, ate a pudding cup, and fell into bed. Ah, bed, my first true love. Chrissy text-messaged me asking if I needed anything, and upon my reply, brought me instant mashed potatoes and sour cream. I'm also going to try melting some of that tasty triple-creme Brie into them, to see how that goes. And Scott is on his way over with yogurt.

I'm relieved that I really had nothing to worry about. Even though my dentist may be a little...businesslike...he has a good heart. He was concerned when I was crying, and really wanted to make sure I was ok. I will continue to see him. I feel like we bonded over my anxiety. Aw.

Back to bed! Word, y'all.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Star Power

The Gabster, my jerkface kitty extraordinaire, might be in a pilot next week! They need a small cat, and I'm working on getting her in. Does that make me her agent? Great. My cat has an agent before I do!

What am I talking about? I don't want an agent. I don't think.

Maybe I should take kitty headshots. If only she would sit still and be good.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


I just came back from the most distressing dental visit ever. To wit:

-digital x-ray probe was too big for my mouth. owie.
-big scary ultrasonic cleaning. basically the speediest, scariest-sounding water pik you've ever seen. I was so surprised by it that I had to laugh to keep from crying.
-i have an impacted wisdom tooth on the upper left. i thought i had zero wisdom teeth. i have to have it extracted. next friday. only local anesthesia, no pre-emptive valium.
-i grind my teeth, and my jaw is all crookedy, so i need a nightguard. for $450. none covered by insurance.
-i was clearly so traumatized that i can't even capitalize this part.


Now I understand why people don't like going to the dentist.

Sad face.