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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

20 Questions with Darth Vader

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'b Sick.

It's true. I habe a code or subthig. Yesterday? I stayed hobe frub work with a fever ad I was dizzy as a bofo. Ow. By head still hurts.
I feel better today, but I'm still not 100%. I went to work in the afternoon, and immediately felt worse. Take that as you will.

Fortunately for me, Scott had the day off yesterday, and so was available for sick kid help. Until he abandoned me to do laundry, that is! Dammit, Scott! He did buy me soup, though...and then took it to his house! Fat lot of good that does me, jag. The next time I see you, I will kick you in the kneecaps. RAWR.

(Call me!)
Other than that, I am improvising up a storm. I have shows to promote!

Lick Your Wounds plays every Friday night at 11 at the Cornservatory (4210 N. Lincoln). It's a modified Living Room form, and it's really a lot of fun. Audiences thus far have loved it! Including me -- I wasn't in the show last weekend, but I went to watch and nearly cried from laughing so hard. Sometimes I was the only one laughing, which is a little embarrassing, and also a testament to how easily entertained I am. But still! Funny show. Come see me. Bring $8, or they won't let you in.

Speed Lemon is my Incubator team. I'm telling you, I love my team to death. They're all such excellent people, and so smart and talented! And they give good hugs, too. Anyway, our shows! We have 4 shows on The Playground schedule:

May 24
June 7
July 7
July 19

All shows are at 8 p.m. at The Playground (Halsted, just north of Belmont). Tuesday night shows cost $5; Thursday shows are $10. You'll see us and 2 or 3 other groups for one low price! Totally worth it, I promise you.
I might audition for The Playground's new all-female improv team, but then again, my calendar/brain might explode if I do that. Stay tuned.

That's it! Comment, please. Especially if you're a parent! I love you guys!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Dear University of Oklahoma,

Stop sending me letters telling me I have not been accepted to your fine institution. I know that. Every time I get a letter, I worry that it will say something other than "thanks, but no thanks," and then I will have to move to Oklahoma.

I get it, and I am completely, 100% fine with it. Now stop sending me mail.

Rebecca Anderson


Dear IIT,

I'm really excited to get to know you in the fall. I think this is going to be a good thing for both of us.

[the future] Dr. Becca


Dear Strawberry Gatorade,

Man, you are a pretty pink color. Hey! You kind of match my blog! And also my shoes. However, you taste a little like un-gelled strawberry Jell-O, and I'm not sure we're getting along that well. I have one more bottle of you in my fridge, so I'll give you a chance, but I don't think this is going to work out between us.

Your friend Orange is really nice, though.

Thanks anyway,


Dear Universe,

What happened to my black Steve Madden sandals? I haven't seen them in weeks; this development distresses me. I feel like I've looked everywhere. Is my apartment hiding them from me as punishment for not cleaning often enough? Because if so, I promise I'll do better. Just bring back my shoes! They're my favorites.

Cosmically hoping,


Dear GMail,

I love you. You make the forty bazillion email messages I have gotten in the past week look so pretty and organized! Getting that much email is now exciting, not overwhelming! Just so you know, I've been spreading the news to everyone I know, trying to invite them to hang out with you. But no one can love you as much as I do. No one.



Dear Flava Flav,

You are awesome. Your life is like a train wreck, but I love to watch your shows on VH-1. It's really neat that you ran into my friends Mike and Stacy in Seattle. Hey, wanna hang out while you're in Chicago? I promise it'll be fun. Come on!

Word up,


Dear Hair,

I know there's no way I can make you grow faster, but please take it into consideration. The bangs are all in my face, and frankly, you're making me a little crazy. I know I mistreated you for a lot of years, but I thought we agreed to move into this new curly part of our life together, and leave all that crap behind. I think I treat you pretty well now, baby, and I wish you would cooperate. Please.



Dear Airlines,

Why so expensive? I just want to go see the fam for the 4th of July and not have my stepmom pay $40,000 to do so. Is that so hard?



Dear Gas Prices,


Hurty wallet,


Dear Improv,

I like you a lot, even though you make my Saturdays way busy. No offense, but I will be glad after next weekend when I get to sleep in on Saturday mornings. Sometimes you need a break from the things you love. I'm sure you want a break from me sometimes, too.



Dear Universe,

Sorry to bother you again. Just wanted to thank you for the all the goodness lately. I really appreciate it.



Friday, May 06, 2005

Redneck? Hell Yes!

It is that time again. Spring is in the air, it's nice and warm, birds chirping, flowers blooming...that's right, folks, it's the time when a young woman's fancy turns to...demolition derbies.

It's true, the demolition derby season is upon us once again. My love for the demolition derby started like this...

August 27, 2004, was a Bad Day. Things had been going poorly at work. I was all boo-hoo about my love life (or lack thereof). I had just entered my mid-20s and was freaking out, as is my wont. My good friend Amber was also having a crap week, and so we decided we would take a Mental Health Afternoon. But the dilemma remained: what to do with our gorgeous summer afternoon? We considered Great America, or any number of small local waterparks, but all closed early enough so that the long drive wouldn't be worth it.

As I was driving toward Amber's house, genius struck: a county fair! Yes. Metromix told us that the Will County Fair was in full swing, and that Will County is only about an hour outside Chicago. And furthermore, there was a demolition derby that very night! We put on our skirts and cowboy hats, and drove south.

The fair was great and full of greasy food, as county fairs are, but the real highlight was, of course, the derby. We had to get pit tickets because the grandstands were full (initially we were aggravated about the extra cost, but it turned out to be worth it). It had been rainy that week, so the track and infield were muddy and gross and awesome. Flip-flops were a poor shoe choice. But anway, we settled into our front-row bleacher seats, and the action began.

People, it was like watching a car wreck. Yes, I know it was ACTUALLY watching cars wreck, but at first it was horrifying, like we shouldn't be watching the crunching metal, and everything was too loud and a little too close for comfort. The big railroad ties intended to keep the cars out of the stands didn't seem like they would be effective at all. But after awhile, our apprehension faded, and was replaced by aggression and cheering and laughter, and it was awesome. No lie.

Amber and I are now demo derby converts. Google tells me that there are three team demo derbies at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet. Thank god. I don't think I can make it the whole summer without watching some cars smash into each other.

And on August 26, you'll find me in Peotone, Illinois, in the infield of the dirt track, yelling my heart out for the gold-and-red Cadillac or the "Free Mustache Rides" mobile (which was built and driven by dudes without mustaches, incidentally).

Monday, May 02, 2005

Eventful! (+ Edit)

Hey, my pants almost match this blog! Awesome. Thank you, Old Navy, Retailer of Hot Pink Pants.

This weekend was packed! Lots of things going on, lots of fun to be had.

On Saturday, my improv funk ended, thanks to a great class, a really great rehearsal, and a freaking fantastic show. Notable:

1. Lindsay created a tiny racetrack for racing animals, and it delighted me even before the scene started.

2. I rocked the character exercise we did in Incubator rehearsal, mostly finding characters via physical movement. A big thank you goes out to my friend Joy, whose voice I heard in my head before I started the exercise. "Bold physicalities," her voice said. And it totally worked.

2a. Our team now has a name: Speed Lemon. My friend and coworker Derek (who took/Photoshopped my headshot) is going to work on designing us a logo. It will be awesome.

3. Putting Lick Your Wounds in front of an audience does wonders for us. We performed at Improv Till Dawn, as part of the Chicago Improv Festival, and it was really fantastic.

3b. Our rehearsal on Sunday, though, was...not so fantastic. I think we're all getting lazy because we're ready for the show to just OPEN already.

That's that, just about. I'm starving now, and will go rustle up some grub. And maybe a tumbleweed.
Post-lunch edit. Turkey sandwich was ok, but my cheese was moldy, so I had to do without. Sad. Turkey without Muenster = sad. For me at least.

I almost forgot one of the more hilarious bits of the weekend. Scott has pioneered an excellent new metaphor for being unprepared/slightly screwed/befuddled: "on top of the sheets." I'm trying to think of really good examples to illustrate the awesomeness, but I'm coming up blank. At any rate, just note: when "on top of the sheets" makes it into the general lexicon, you heard it here first.