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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Let's update in the form of bullet points, shall we?
  • On Sunday night I went to Cozy's Noodles with Lindsay, and decided to be brave by ordering the crispy Pad See Ew. I was imagining the same old noodles, but a little crispier around the edges. Instead, the "crispy noodles" were Really Crispy. As in, Frito crispy, but thicker so they were all hurty when I tried to chew them. Ow.
  • My mom is coming to visit starting tomorrow night. Yay! On Thursday night we're going out and meeting some of my friends. Hey, if you live in Chicago and you want to hang out and meet my mom, you should email me. It'll be awesome.
  • Gabby has a collar now, and the most hilarious thing ever is watching her trying to get a look at the bell and tags, while she's wearing the collar. It's like all she knows is there's some jingling on her neck, and she has to see it RIGHT NOW. Imagine jumping around trying to look at your chin. Looks like that.
  • Gabs also just licked my beer bottle, and I'm still drinking it. Gross, yes. But it was a full beer!
  • Tonight I got takeout from Cozy's, and ordered the regular Pad See Ew. Much better. And Gabby fell headfirst into the empty bag when she tried to investigate. Ha!

That's about all I got. 2-hour Amazing Race starts in 3 minutes, so I gotta run. Priorities, people!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I'm on the interweb. Hi!

Well, I guess I was already on the interweb. But whatever! I'm official.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

How About That.

I had my first Annoyance 3 class on Saturday morning, and other than the fact that it was Saturday morning, it was really good. So far I really like Susan Messing's style. I think I'll learn a lot from this class, and from her specifically. One thing she said really struck me, and that is that she isn't going to deal with us being "in our heads," or using that as an excuse for shitty scenes. Which is not to say that she expects every scene to be amazing (and maybe she does), but that we need to suck it up and just do it. Just improvise. Go.

My Incubator audition was yesterday after class, and I felt completely neutral about it. Out of 30 people, I thought there were 6 or 7 really excellent prospects there, a couple of truly dismal folks, and a gaggle of unremarkable peeps. I classify myself in the latter category.

At the end of the audition, they said we would know by Monday night if we were in. This afternoon as I was making chili and cleaning up my house, I got a call from Jon Forsythe of the Playground, telling me that I MADE THE TEAM! He's our coach. We're meeting on Thursday to discuss rehearsing, a name, and so forth.

I'm shocked by this development, and I'm not saying that out of some kind of false modesty. I really thought my audition was just ok. Not a disaster, but not spectacular. But...there you have it, I guess. Hm.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fo' Shizzle

Have you seen this? Go ahead, I'll wait.

Now, click here to see the gizoogle-ized version of this site.


Monday, March 14, 2005

Big Time

I'm auditioning for The Playground's Incubator program on Saturday at 3. I hope that coming straight from Annoyance will help me to be relaxed and confident and generally awesome. We shall see...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Moving Right Along

Amber went to NC State, and really loves the Wolfpack. She also secretly loves me, but is having a hard time showing it today:
dear maryland,

sorry you're out of the acc tourney in the very first round.

the wolfpack
dear wolfpack,

bite my ass.

dear maryland,

clemson already did. clemson, mind you.

the wolfpack
dear wolfpack,

why you gotta be such a bitch all the time? i mean, really.


In other news, kickball starts the first week in April. Wanna play? Drop me a line or go pick a division and get on it! It's a lot of fun. I promise.

Less Fun

It's snowing here, people. Snowing! For the record, I should say that for as much bitching as I do? I actually don't mind the winter that much. Some Chicagoans say that the bitter winter is the price you pay to live here in summer, and I tend to agree. I actually made it through this, my third winter in Chicago, without becoming majorly depressed. That's something, let me tell you.

However, I am about to get majorly depressed if spring doesn't get here with a quickness. It's always around this time of year that I get antsy in anticipation of warm weather, and the fact that it was 65 degrees on Sunday doesn't help. Nor does the fact that I have a bunch of new spring clothes and shoes at home, just waiting to be work. Grrr. I have cute winter clothes, too, but I'm tired of wearing them! Tired!

Oh, look. tells me that it will be crappy and cold for at least the next 10 days. My dad thinks it's cute to tell me it's "only" getting up to 65, or 68, or 70, in Oklahoma. Real cute, dad. Real cute.

In other news, I have rehearsal tonight, which should be fun. Especially if I remember to stop and buy beer.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Something Fun

My friend Tammy is doing a bunny exchange via her blog. She is also a super talented artist (she drew my toaster art, for those of you who have seen it), and an all-around cool chick. So if you want to exchange a bunny with a total stranger, hop on over.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

That's What I Get

...For being supremely lazy on Sunday. I laid around, playing with the cat and debating doing laundry, until I left for the theatre at about 4. I put on my coat over my Cubs t-shirt, and...then I discovered that I didn't need a coat AT ALL. It was 60 degrees out! I commenced kicking myself immediately, you'll be glad to know.

The show went well. My big monologue was "My Angry Vagina," and I felt better about Sunday's performance than I ever did in rehearsal. Having an awesome crowd did wonders. There were these middle-aged women sitting to the left of the stage, and they just LOVED the entire show! They were so tickled, and it was really nice to hear first-timers enjoying the show so much.

It was also nice having so many friends and colleagues there supporting me. Seriously, folks, I have rarely felt so loved. It was awesome. Thanks to everyone who made it out.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Gabby's Day Out

Yesterday, after working until 8 p.m. (!! I know!) I had rehearsal for this new show until about 9:30. I was driving Lindsay to the el when we decided we needed coffee or ice cream, and a big helping of girl talk. First I needed to drop some stuff off in my house.

When I opened the door, Gabby (uncharacteristically) didn't meet me. Hm. Maybe she's napping on the couch? No. The bed? No. Snacking in the kitchen? No. Visiting the litter box? No. Hanging out in the bathtub? No. In the closet? No. In the laundry pile? No. In the loft? No. Hm.

At this point, I started to worry, thinking that she'd gotten into something and I would soon discover her dead. Lindsay and I ripped the place apart, and still no Gabby. Panic set in, and as I was on the phone with Chrissy, my kitty mom role model, I heard meowing. A minute later, I opened the front door, and sure enough! There was Gabs, in the hallway.

Turns out that yesterday morning, when I thought Gabby might've escaped when I opened the door? She really did. She was in the hallway all day! It's boring and kind of cold out there!

I am a bad kitty mom. Don't give me any actual kids, ok? I would probably just let them escape.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


It seems that super quality time with the cat is the key to her not waking up wanting to hang out at 3:45 a.m. Hm. This is a challenge for at least another week, as I have crazy rehearsals for Vagina Monologues and other stuff. Hm. Overall, though, the kitty and I are adjusting to one another nicely, I think.

While I'm at it, I'll announce:
The Vagina Monologues
March 6 @ 7 p.m.
Theatre Building Chicago (1225 W. Belmont)
$20. Benefits Chicago Abused Women Coalition and Apna Ghar.

We've got a fun and talented group (plus me!), and it should be a good time. Moreover, it's for a good cause! Come on out, people. DO IT NOW.